Do you develop disposable cameras?

Yes, we process all disposable cameras including Kodak Funsaver disposables, Fujifilm Quicksnap disposables, Ilford HP5 and XP2 disposables, and Lomography Simple Use disposables.

What’s your typical turnaround?

Our typical turnaround for C-41 (color negative) and B&W 35mm is typically around 1 hour for processing and  24-48 hours to receive scans via email. Prints are typically ready the following day.

B&W 120 film is hand processed and typically takes 1-3 days to process and 24 hours to receive scans.

E-6 film is hand processed and typically takes 5-7 days to process and 24 hours to receive scans

ECN-2  is hand processed and typically takes 3-5 days to process and 24 hours to receive scans.

Can you push/pull film?

We do not push or pull film.

Can you develop ECN-2 film?

We process all ECN-2 35mm and 120 film in Arista C-41 chemistry with Kodak pre-bath for remjet removal . WE DO NOT PROCESS SUPER 8 OR 16MM FILM. 

Do you develop Super 8 or 16mm film?

No, but we recommend checking out NegativeLand.

Can you develop 4x5 film?

Yes, we can process all 4×5 large format sheet film including C-41, B&W, and E-6 film.

Do you process souped film (film that has been pre soaked before development)?

Absolutely not. Please do not drop off souped film, you will be banned from Photodom in this life and the next. We sell kits for you to do it by hand at home. 

My film is really old, can you process it?

Yes, we can process old film but depending on age and previously kept conditions, we can not promise or be sure of the results of your negatives. 


What is the resolution of your scans?

We offer high res films scans with zero compression. Scanning resolution depends on format and camera aspect ratio.

Maximum scan resolution:

Standard Res scans 1500×1000 pixels

High Res scans are 3000×2000 pixels

Super Res scans are 6000×4000 pixels

What kind of scanner do you use?

We use a Noritsu HS-1800 commercial film scanner for all 35mm and 120 film. WE scan 4×5, 110, APS film on a Epsom V850 flatbed scanner. 

Can you scan film from speciality cameras like 3D and half frame cameras?

Yes, we can scan half frame and 3D camera photos from Reto, Nimslo and Nishika cameras. 

What is the difference between JPEG and TIFF?

JPEG is a file that is compressed down into a smaller size typically used for web or prints. TIFF is a file format that is uncompressed and great for retouching your photos in post. 

A 35mm High Res JPEG scan is around 6MB , while a 35mm High Res TIFF scale is around 19MB. 

Can you scan Polaroids?

Yes, we can scan Polaroids and Instax Instant Film. 

My negatives are old/expired, can you scan it?

We will try our very best to scan your old/expired negatives. However depending on age and previously kept conditions, results may vary & ability to produce scans aren’t promised.