How it works

Processing your film is simple. Just make an account on our website, once logged in you’ll be redirected to our film processing page where you can select the services you want.

Mail-in: Choose “Mail-in your film” at checkout. This is a $7 fee that covers shipping both ways, once you complete checkout you’ll get a prepaid label to ship in your film.

Drop-off: Choose “Store drop-off” at checkout and bring your film by photodom. NYC located at 1717 Broadway #310 Brooklyn, NY 11207

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Film Processing Menu

C-41 (35mm, 120, 4×5 110 or APS Color Negative Film) – $6


B&W (35mm, 120, 4×5 Black & White Film) – $6


E-6 (35mm, 120, 4×5 Color Positive Film) – $15


ECN-2 (35mm, 120 Movie Film) – $15

Standard (1500x1000px) – $6


High (3000x2000px) – $9


Super (6000x4000px) – $12

4×6 on Fuji Luster Paper – $0.35 per print

5×7 on Fuji Luster Paper $0.75 per print

8×10 on Fuji Luster Paper – $1.50 per print

Have any questions? Check out our frequently asked questions.