Our Process

Start your order on the website and select the type of film, resolution of the digital scans and print options we offer.If you’re unsure the type of film you have, usually the film canister will indicate which process ( C-41, B&W, E-6 etc..) Checkout directly on our website.

Drop-Off: Bring your film to our store located at 1717 Broadway #310 Brooklyn, NY 11207

Ship-In: Print the shipping label on the confirmation page of your order. Put the order number on the label or somewhere on the box.

Your film is expertly processed by our staff.

For Color Negative film we use our trusty Noritsu V30 Film Processor, for B&W we use a converted B&W Noritsu V30 Film Processor. For E-6 and ECN-2 we hand process your film, this can typically take up to a week.

Your Film is then brought to our scanning station where we use Noritsu HS-1800 scanners calibrated daily for scanning accuracy.

If you selected the print option, your photos are printed with a Fujifilm DX100 printer.

Your Scans are emailed to you via wetrasnfer and the negatives are immediately available for pickup at our store. If you selected to have the negative shipped back, we will ship them out in 72 hours or more.

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