Film Processing Menu

C-41 (Color Negative Film)

Includes 35mm, 120, APS, 110 and 4×5 film.

35, 120, 110 & APS formats are processed by machine and are developed Same-Day. 4×5 film is hand processed and take up to 1 week to process.


B&W (Black and White Film)

Includes 35mm, 120, and 4×5 film.

35mm B&W film can be processed by machine and can be available Same-Day.  120 and 4×5 film are processed by hand and take 3-5 days.


E-6 (Color Positive Slide Film)

Includes 35mm, 120 and 4×5 film.

All E-6 film is processed by hand and typically take anywhere from 5-7 days.


ECN-2 Processing (Cinema Film)

This is done by hand in QWD ECN-2 processing kit. Processing can take up to a 7 days.


Cross Process (E-6 film developed in C-41 chemicals)

Includes 35mm & 120 film.

Both film types are processed by machine and can be developed Same-Day.


High-Res Scan

3000 x 2000dpi – Perfect for IG and smaller format prints like our standard 4×6 prints.


Super-Res Scan

6000 x 4000dpi – Perfect for large scale prints.


Polaroid Scans (8 photos)

Includes all sizes of Polaroid, Instax, and any other Instant-Photographs.


4×6 Prints (Per Print)

High-Res sublimated 4×6 glossy prints by our Fujifilm printer.